WW2 Russian T34-85

T-34-85 Russian World War II tank
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Though the exchange certainly taps into national pride, it may be hard to ignore that the Kremlin looks set to receive more examples of these historically significant, but hardly combat worthy vehicles this year than it will of its new T Armatas. Pictures had already emerged on social media showing workers loading the Ts onto a ship in Vietnam on Dec. Russia introduced the White Eagle upgrade in and sold the first examples to Nicaragua.

These tanks feature various improvements over older TBs, including the addition of the Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armor, a new thermal sight with a built-in laser rangefinder, a remotely operated weapon station on top of the turret, and updated communications equipment. The Russians reportedly tried to sell Laos the more advanced TB3 , which feature many more substantial improvements to bring them to a standard close to the more modern T , in The cost of new armored vehicles has also increasingly been an issue for the Russians, which is only set to begin the final round of pre-production trials of the new T Armata tank later this year in advance of initial production deliveries in Though Russian officials have downplayed the delays and other issues in getting these new tanks into service, the Kremlin did announce in August that it would be focusing on purchasing upgraded TB3, TBVM, and TSM tanks in the near-term.

As its designation indicates, this version featured an 85mm main gun, which significantly boosted its firepower, especially against late-war Nazi medium and heavy tanks.

The tank was already well known for its speed, mobility, armor protection, and reliability, and is generally considered one of, if not the best all-around medium tank of the war. Between and , the Soviet Union made more than 58, Ts of all types and after the war, they delivered thousands of these iconic vehicles to allies and partners, where they continued to see active combat. The Laotian examples, which the Russian Ministry of Defense says are production examples, took a curiously circuitous route to get to that country, though.

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With their production dates, it is very possible that these tanks saw combat on the Eastern Front during World War II. After delivery to Vietnam, they could have seen further action against South Vietnam and its U. Though the exact timing appears to have been a coincidence, given that the deal with Laos dates back to , the Ts did arrive in Russia just as a state-sponsored film centered around a T crew broke box office records in the country for a domestically produced movie.

The movie follows what do not appear to be specifically Jewish Russian soldiers in a concentration camp. It is true that Soviet troops suffered hellish conditions at the hands of the Nazis, but the Soviet Union, and now Russia, have also routinely used that reality as a way to downplay the especially horrific experience of the Jews during the Holocaust. On Nov. Holiday , sometimes also translated as Celebration , a black comedy set against the backdrop of the Nazi's devastating multi-year Siege of Leningrad , which did not glamorize the Soviets, also came out around New Years.


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A T Model knocked out during the fighting on the Southwestern Front in the summer of Pushkin Kolkhoz in Pokrovskiy, Ukraine. It has the yoke for the mine rollers attached, but the wheels themselves are not fitted. What are the chances that my order will be sent on time? Seeds of Cold-War Armor With the war turning decisively in the Soviet Union's favor, the Morozov design bureau began to develop the new T tank, originally codenamed Obiekt , which embodied the technical lessons of the wartime tank design effort. It was originally planned to add the cupola from the KV-1S, but this was rejected as it did not have a hatch. Velikzhanin 23

Estimated delivery date: postal code: change address settings. Post - package priority 1 pcs. Quantity Shipping date Post - package priority 1 monday, Recommended additions. Side fuel tanks and smoke cannisters for T and IS Anti-Panzerfaust shields for T and IS Fenders for T versions T grille cover TAM. T grille cover DRA. Similar items.

T/85 Up-Gunned Medium Tank - Soviet Union

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