Science and the modern world: Lowell lectures, 1925

Science and The Modern World
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Alfred North Whitehead. The fullest general statement of Max Weber's sociological theory to appear in any of his writings, "The Theory of Social and Economic Organization" is an introduction to Weber's ambitious comparitive study of the sociological and institutional foundations of the modern economic and social order. In this work originally published in German in , Weber discusses the analytical methods of sociology and, at the same time, presents a devastating critique of prevailing sociological theory and of its universalist, determinist underpinnings.

None of Weber's other writings offers the reader such a grasp of his theories; none displays so clearly his erudition, the scope of his interests, and his analytical powers. Mathematics as an Element in the History of Thought.

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The Century of Genius. The Eighteenth Century.

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The Romantic Reaction. The Nineteenth Century. The Quantum Theory.

What role do the humanities play in our scientific world?

Science and Philosophy. Religion and Science. Loved it!

Alfred North Whitehead, who began his career as a mathematician, ranks as the foremost philosopher in the twentieth century to construct a speculative system of philosophical cosmology. After his graduation from Cambridge University, he lectured there until on mathematics. Like Bertrand Russell see also Vol. This work established the derivation of mathematics from logical foundations and has transformed the philosophical discipline of logic.

Science and the Modern World : Lowell Lectures, 1925 by Alfred North Whitehead (2011, Paperback)

From his work on mathematics and its logical foundations, Whitehead proceeded to what has been regarded as the second phase of his career. In he left Cambridge for the University of London, where he lectured until he was appointed professor of applied mathematics at the Imperial College of Science and Technology.

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During his period in London, Whitehead produced works on the epistemological and metaphysical principles of science. In , at age 63, Whitehead retired from his position at the Imperial College and accepted an appointment as professor of philosophy at Harvard University, where he began his most creative period in speculative philosophy.

In Science and the Modern World he explored the history of the development of science, examining its foundations in categories of philosophical import, and remarked that with the revolutions in biology and physics in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries a revision of these categories was in order. Whitehead unveiled his proposals for a new list of categories supporting a comprehensive philosophical cosmology in Process and Reality , a work hailed as the greatest expression of process philosophy and theology.

Adventures of Ideas is an essay in the philosophy of culture; it centers on what Whitehead considered the key ideas that have shaped Western culture.