Redemption Games (John Rain, Book 4)

Redemption Games
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Financial, of course, along with the ongoing chimera of moral redemption. From the gorgeous beaches of Rio to the glitzy casinos of Macau to the gritty back streets of Hong Kong and Kowloon, Rain becomes a reluctant player in an international game far deadlier and more insidious than any he has encountered before.

And he has a new hope: that by using his talents in the service of something good, he might atone for all the lives he has taken.

But when Rain's conscience causes him to botch the Manila hit, he finds out the next problem the Mossad wants fixed is himself. Is Delilah, his Mossad lover, coming to help him?

Or was she sent to finish him off? ISBN - On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone.

This is not a John Rain short story

But really, it boils down to Tai Chi Chuan vs. Boxing and who will win…. This story is the result of many different elements coming together over a period of several years. We still train together whenever our schedules permit and post-training usually involves great conversation, laughter, good times and the occasional alcoholic beverage. When Barry first asked me to train him, I started reading his John Rain series and absolutely loved it. He created not only a plausible world but also engaging stories that included real world events, impressive action and of course, steamy sex scenes.

My friends can attest to the fact that I am rarely at a loss for words, but I sure was speechless then. Fast forward a bit and Barry asks me if he can use my full name to flesh out that character in an upcoming book.

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Redemption Games book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Previously published as Killing Rain and One Last KillAfter nea. Barry Eisler (Author, Narrator), Brilliance Audio (Publisher) I think he gets kudos for allowing other writers to use John Rain in their books. "Redemption Games" (formerly "Killing Rain" and "One Last Kill") is the fourth novel in Eisler's eight-novel strong John Rain series.

But also because they all have specific skills that complement each other, which makes for some great twists and turns in the story. Barry and me, being all serious and stuff during our training sessions…. Barry had joined Kindle Worlds , an Amazon company that licensed his work so others could write in that world as well. I had contacted them before starting my story, to check if as a non-US citizen, I could enroll in their program.

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Their response was that it was no problem. So I went ahead and got those, at considerable personal expense, and wrote the story. But… They were working on it, it was a top priority! My question of why they had previously confirmed there was no problem on that front when I specifically asked about that, remained ignored.

Publication Order of John Rain Books

After a year and a half and some more attempts on my end to find a workaround thank you Joe Konrath , much appreciated! My response was that I no longer believed them, so I took a different course: starting over. I had prepared for this contingency a while ago and already created a new world with different characters, backgrounds and so on, changed the plot and re-wrote the story from scratch. The second is in the beginning stages, but these two will be released in that order.

I only write fiction if I need a break from non-fiction, which is in-between projects. That said, I have 10 martial arts and self-defense books at the information and idea gathering stage right now. Every now and then, I have new ideas for books and add them to the list. Become a Patron and get access to unique content: my newsletter, instructional videos, violence analysis and much more!

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