November Knits: Inspired Designs for Changing Seasons

November Knits: Inspired Designs for Changing Seasons
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They're rubber grippers so you can make a nice tight connection, and easily undo that same connection when you're ready. Works a treat. I've never had mine come undone accidentally. You may not need this handy adaptor every day, but when you do, it'll be five bucks you'll be glad you spent. Once again, Anna has done it. This time it's a book full of adorable freaky toys that might defy description. Except in the world of Mochimochi, they make total sense. Sour Tooth [scarier than the Sweet kind] has a big lollipop and two weird teeth of his own.

With tiny faces. Hurly-burly turns itself inside out to amuse you, and honestly But the good kind of weird. Stripy can't-stop-playing-with-it cause its feet sort of come out of its mouth weird. Lots more: Tiny spiders, zombies and vampires. And at the end, Anna gives you a recipe to invent your own monster.

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Not just adorable, this is a very thorough book that teaches you how to make knitted toys well, from choosing materials to gauge [super important when you're stuffing the final product] and construction and assembly step-by-step photos and instructions. The whole book is a delight to look at and read, just like all the Mochimochi books have been. Bravo, Anna! Buy now from Needle Arts Book Shop. Kristi Joeste is a knitter and a historian who searches out knitting patterns and the women's stories that go with them in Estonia.

Her elementary school friend, Kristina Ehin, is a writer, and together they have a created a uniquely beautiful and personal book celebrating the knitting of Estonian gloves and the women who knit them. The main portion of this book is a collection of beautiful photos of Kristi Joeste's modern interpretation of classic Estonian 'going out' gloves, fancy and embellished gloves. The gloves are paired with a narrative based on writings by knitter usually journal entries. The knitting and embellishments are stunning and the writing vividly brings several knitters to life.

The combination is intimate. I felt instantly immersed in the knitters' lives. The back part of the book shows the folk pieces that the glove designs are based on, including measurement, materials used and what exactly inspired Kristi Joeste about the piece. There are recipes for the gloves shown in the book, directions for elements — scalloped cuff, thumb, fingers, charts for color work, The patterns are more free form, "Cast-on 84 stitches and choose your favorite colorwork pattern I wish for more knitting books like this one -- the mingling of the historic and modern and showing knitting's human heart.

Buy now from Namaste. Of all the Namaste bags I've gotten to review, this is my favorite by far. It's classy. It's super functional. Holy cow, all the pockets! And the color is so very me, it's almost painful. The most perfect blue-green. It has a pair of straps with a good drop, so you can comfortably use them on your shoulder as well as carry the bag by hand if you prefer. They separate, or you can snap them together with the integrated strap [seen at the top of the handles in the picture on the left], which keeps them on your shoulder even better.

Also, a removable, adjustable cross-body long strap that tucks inside for the times you'll need it. Oh, and the double straps are removable, if you'd rather carry the bag with the cross-body strap. Outside, 2 flap pockets. On either end, a pocket suitable for a bottle or a cell phone or an umbrella. A long pocket perfect for magazines or your knitting project.

And a zippered pocket if you're in an area where you need to keep your phone on the outside of the bag, but a little more secure. Inside, there's 2 open pockets, another zippered pocket, and lots of room for everything you'll need. Knitting can go inside or out My only quibble: the lining is not attached to the bottom of the bag, and sometimes pulling an item out meant the lining came out with it. Not a deal breaker, but I'd love it if the lining were tacked down to the bottom four corners [I'll probably do this mysef with my bag].

Then it would be perfect. As with all Namaste bags, the materials are vegan and, where possible, made from recycled plastic. Excellent quality, durable, and really pretty. Home run, Namaste! Sign up at Craftsy [special discount for Knitty readers]. The lessons begin with lace math and end with a big section on fixing mistakes in lace. In between there are lessons charting repeats, transitions, embellishing and borders.

This is a class for knitters that want to learn. There were days that I felt less than sharp mentally and things just didn't soak in. I watched every single lesson in this class. I loved all of the shawl samples that she has and that her teaching sample are done in chunky yarn, so I could really see what she was teaching. For me the big learning came with Charting Shapes and Transition and Flow — choosing lace patterns that work together and changing them, if need be, to flow into each other and how and when to fill space with partial patterns and when to leave the space just stockinette.

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The dust jacket for hard covers may not be included. A notable change to the Yeezy Boost V2 line was when a black and red, or "Bred", colorway released February 11, Knotted rope pillow. Add to Cart. By Liz's own words, Jenna was "slutting it up" to get car dealership owners to put her in their commercials. Pillow case included Yes. About Kate Gagnon Osborn.

I'll be watching those two lessons again. All the shawl designs I have on needles in the graphing stage or just tumbling around in my brain are all going out the window to be redone with all that I learned in mind. Let the knitting angels sing. I don't know a knitter that hasn't been waiting for this book. It ranks up there with excitement for Principles of Knitting's rerelease and the constant rumors of a certain Scottish knitter's reissues. Written along the lines of her Handy Book Of Sweater Designs , there are multiple sizes: Kids ", Women's " and Men's " — with discussion on how to move between sizes for altering measurements.

There are pattern templates with gauges ranging from stitches to the inch whole numbers only with discussion of how to fudge numbers for stitch gauges that are between whole numbers and color and texture patterns where stitches to the inch may change. She gives multi-sized and gauged patterns for yoke, raglan, set-in sleeve and saddle shoulder sweaters -- to knit plain as they come or to use as a base for your creativity. There are four guest-designed sweaters to show how master designers riff on these basic patterns, by Pam Allen, Veronik Avery, Jared Flood and Anne Hanson.

My greatest happy surprise in this book? There are some words about knitting with handspun! Just a couple of paragraphs, but yay! I can't wait to start knitting! November Knits celebrates my favorite knitting season: deep fall into winter. Stitches just seem to fly off of the needles; sweaters are knit effortlessly in the deep fall. This book breaks the season into three different fall feelings.

Farm Hands: oversized chunky sweaters and thick warm accessories. A favorites is Market Jacket by Tanis Grey, a 4-stitch-to-the-inch lace and cable sweater that I would wear every day. Ivy League: classic preppy styles, sweaters to wear under coats, knee socks color work — full on LL Bean.

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November Knits: Inspired Designs for Changing Seasons. by Kate Northern Knits Gifts: Thoughtful Projects Inspired by Folk Traditions. November Knits: Inspired Designs for Changing Seasons [Kate Gagnon Osborn, Courtney Kelley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

My favorites are Cobblestone Trenchcoat by Veera Valimaki, long and cozy with deep pockets and a hood, and Trefoil Cardigan, a classic yoked fair isle with a twist in color. I love this sweater and it's so not me I think it's the two-tone pockets that makes me love it.

And Southern Comfort: a peek into how the south celebrates the fall with light sweaters and lacy accessories. My favorite is Laura Nelkin's beaded lace Bluebonnet Scarf, an absolute confection. The variety of styles and colors in the book is huge, Kate and Courtney have done a spectacular job gathering just the right designers to create a unique fall knitting book. Kaffe Fassett has filled his life with joy and creativity and touched so many fiber people along the way.

This book is a celebration of life, of art and fiber. From his childhood in Big Sur, California, to his beginning in painting, through each fiber art that he revitalized -- knitting in the '80s, needlepoint in the '90s, and quilting in this decade. He chose each with a deep curiosity and a unique perspective, shook the dust off of them and said, "Let's try it this way! This a book about the growth of a modern artist, filled with stories about his personal creative journey and all of the things and people that influenced him.

His writing style is is reminiscent of his designs — lots of bursts, short vignettes that instantly get to the crux of the story. He tells his in a relentlessly positive way. His life as he tells it is a lesson in following our creative hearts and communing with creative people. Reading this book is like peeling an orange on a gray winter's day -- every single one of your senses is sparked as you get sprayed with infectious creativity.

I am a big fan of the Scentless range of products, especially the SOAK wash, which I use for all my knitwear, swatches and [ahem] unmentionables. In summer, they launched the new Handmaid hand cream, which we reviewed here. Then they repackaged both the Soak and Handmaid in 3 oz bottles And the last piece of the puzzle is the most clever: add a beautiful custom-designed fingerless glove pattern [designed by the brilliant Fiona Ellis], nail polish and yarn custom dyed by Lorna's Laces to match the whole shebang, and you have one of the most clever gift boxes we've ever seen. Sure, you'll likely want one for yourself, but what a great gift for any knitter friend!

You can see more about the glove patterns and the colorways on the SOAK site. Now comes the hard part Inspired by the dance halls of Texas, this pattern collection from the creative folks at Hill Country Weavers is all about motion. The designs flow, the stitch patterns undulate; I can see the lace shawls waving as their owners dance by. The feeling of the design in this collection is modern but with a vintage breeze blown across them carried by the west Texas wind.

Hill Country includes knitting, crochet and weaving in this pattern book and they work seamlessly together. My favorite designs: A Girl at the Spoke, a barely there crocheted shawl that has so much style and life that I desperately wish I could crochet; Night at the Gruene, a knitted shorty poncho that waves and weaves just with the stitch pattern and is just the thing I didn't know I was missing from my fall wardrobe; Mercury Hall Pullover, a colorwork sweater that echoes the stained glass windows of the real Mercury Hall, all at once subtle and bold.

Kari Cornell gathered a variety of wel-known designers with one thing in common, the love of traditional knitting patterns and designs. The result is a book filled with sweater designs for men and women that preserve traditional knitting techniques. Everything about these sweaters closely follows their inspiration, color, stitch pattern, and shaping.

It's rare and wonderful to find so many international techniques between the covers of one book. The colorwork in the book is exceptional, lovely and complex. For me the standout sweaters in book are the Icelandic Fimmvorduhals sweater by Helene Magnusson, St. That kind of knitting guilt can weigh heavy on a knitter.

I was overjoyed to see this book! Carol has gathered designers that love sock yarn as much as she does. She covers fiber content, ply, gauge and most spectacularly color and patterning in sock yarn. Carol Sulcoski is the sorceress of sock yarn. Nicky Epstein must have played with her food when she was small. Only someone who tried to see how high she could pile mashed potatoes, or how many shapes she could make with her peas, would write this book.

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In Knitting in Circles, Epstein first provides more than 19 basic ways to knit a circle, then she starts pouring on the gravy. How about some texture? Sure, there are circles with cables, entrelac, bobbles, brioche and seed stitch. How about lace? Oh yeah, here are another 19 variations on leaf, eyelet, and star. Is there colourwork? Mmm hmm - intarsia, stranded knits and stripes all make their appearance. Is she done yet?

Oh heck no - there's also embellishing with some ruffles, embroidery, beading or flowers. Add on some edge treatments like, say, some of those things we played with in her Knitting on the Edge series , and the possibilities of the simple circle multiply beyond counting.

If that smorgasboard wasn't enough, Epstein also offers 20 projects that employ one or more styles of circles, the best of which I think is the Eternity Dress. For those who only want to sample one or two items on the menu, she also suggests a few projects such as bags, pillows and stuffed toys that use only one or two circles each.

November Knits: Inspired Designs for Changing Seasons

This book promises to teach the knitter how to apply fully fashioned shaping - intentionally visible increases and decreases that are used to improve fit - just like couture fashions. Leapman jumps right in to a well-illustrated chapter on various increases and decreases, explaining not only how to work them, but how to remember which way they lean.

Once three body measurements are taken, she sets out five different body types based on the ratio between them. Each of the nineteen projects in the book are then categorized for the body types they suit. My favourite parts are Chapter 3, which shows a range of methods to make shaping more noticeable for example, by dropping a stitch next to a decrease line, or incorporating a cable and Chapter 4, which shows you where to put those noticeable shapings for each body type. I was very excited when I found the sidebar that's part of the shell pattern called Jen - it sets out each bra cup size from AA to E, and the corresponding increase and decrease rates needed to make that pattern fit.

What great detail! My only quibble with the book is a small one. There are only three projects which use yarns lighter than double-knitting weight and one of those is stranded colourwork. As someone who tends to knit mostly lightweight garments, there is much to learn here but less to knit. Buy now from Chic. This brilliant needle case landed on my desk just a few days after I had a snit over my knitting needles.

Knotted rope pillow

I use them for mittens and for hats. After the "Yeezy Season 1" show, Adidas announced they would no longer be a part of Yeezy apparel. Instead, they will only be collaborating on footwear. With Yeezy Season 6, we are introduced to several articles of clothing with Adidas branding. As of December, , a total of 19 colorways and 6 designs have been released between the Adidas and Yeezy collaboration. On December 3, , Adidas confirmed a new shoe collaboration deal with West.

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The Yeezy boost "Light Brown" was initially released on February 14, , exclusively for those who confirmed a reservation through the Adidas mobile app. The shoe was sold in an all-grey color scheme with a phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark gum outsole. This was the first time a glow-in-the-dark sole has been featured since the [Nike Air Yeezy] line. The shoe features improved materials such as higher quality suede and leather. The next Yeezy Boost featured a brown suede and leather upper with the same fluorescent sole as the previous model.

There have been no further releases of the sneaker. On June 27, , the second shoe from the collaboration, the Yeezy Boost was made available through a worldwide release.

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On August 22, , an all-black version of the Yeezy Boost released, known as the "Pirate Black. Revisions included additional support and padding to the heel. On August 27, , the Yeezy Boost re-released in infant sizes. The shoe was released in the "Turtle Dove" and "Pirate Black" color scheme. The Yeezy was first released on October 29, at select retail stores and online.

It is considered a remake of the previous Yeezy Boost and features several outer changes, such as a different pattern, removed heel tab, and a large stripe running around the outer side of the shoe with the characters "SPLY". The sole was also updated to be transparent and featured full-length visibility of the boost material midsole through a grid-pattern opening on the outsole. On November 23, , three new colorways released, "Copper", "Green", and "Red", featuring an all-black outsole and prime knit, with a large colored stripe with the words "SPLY".

It also featured a black outsole and prime knit, as well as a white stripe across the shoe. A notable change to the Yeezy Boost V2 line was when a black and red, or "Bred", colorway released February 11, Additionally, the Zebras officially became the first to opt-out of the prominent stripe. A "Zebra" colorway was released on February 25, , and later restocked online and in various Adidas stores and retailers on June 24, The colorway featured prominent black stripes over a never before seen white overlay, prompting a surge of value and hype from the sneaker community.

Three new colorways of the Yeezy V2 model later surfaced. A "Semi-Frozen Yellow" colorway, featuring a bright yellow prime knit upper and unique "gum soles", released on November 18, in limited quantity. The third colorway, "Blue Tint," was released the December 16th. In , many colorways of the V2 were released, and there were also many restocks. On June 30, the first new V2 colorway of dropped called the "Butter". On November 16, the zebra colorway of the restocked.

It featured a grey upper, with a white boost and midsole, completed with a gum-colored outsole. These featured a very different design and had a very low quantity produced. Then on December 27th, the non-reflective White Statics were released. The Adidas Powerphase was released on March 28, They feature a premium white leather upper with perforated stripes, green Adidas branding, and a red Trefoil logo.

After the initial 3 colorways of the Yeezy Powerphase, Adidas then continued releasing several Powerphase colorways without the Yeezy branding. It debuted during the Yeezy Season 5 fashion show in The Yeezy was released in three different colorways: the "Wave Runner", "Mauve", and "Salt" colorways. Another colorway called the "Inertia" released on March 9, While at first being criticized for their visual appearance, the Yeezy at one point gained immense popularity and was reselling for hundreds of dollars over its original retail price, with Blush being the most sought after out of the four colorways.

Since then, the value has died down, and the shoes sell for only slightly above retail in many sizes as of September The Yeezy has been rumored to release in late , however as the year closes, this has become questionable. The shoe will arrive in the classic brown pull-out box with the all-black lettering showing the "".

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The will feature a large, web-like midsole that reaches high up the shoe and an abstract lacing system.