Living the Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing
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The Gospel Song The Glories of Calvary Jesus, My Only Hope Wonderful Savior The Glory of the Cross At the same time, he sets out the wonderful benefits of the cross that we enjoy here and now—for example, the fact that God understands our suffering chapter 9 and the wonderful gift of assurance and joy chapter His challenge is to never put the cross to one side. He calls upon the reader to avoid the temptation to assume the cross and move onto other things.

Chapter 13 is full of helpful practical suggestions on how to focus on the cross daily. Chapter 14 then urges us to remember that all other doctrines flow on from the cross, and that we must never move on from that fundamental truth. What a wonderful suggestion! Here we have one excellent book on the cross that every Christian can read. Then the following year, why not try The Cross of Christ?

The Word Became Flesh. My heart is so wicked and even if the moment feels right, my emotions will most assuredly lead me astray if I allow them to! Oftentimes, we allow our emotions, which come from our wicked and sinful hearts, to tell us what is true rather than turning to the Word of God for truth. For me, it can be incredibly easy to sulk in self-pity and defeat, and when I allow that to happen what does it profit me?

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Absolutely nothing. But when I turn those frustrations and moments of despair to the Lord, oh what great profit I gain from that! Me and my friends in high school use to say a condescending phrase that was and still is used by a famous physchologist Dr. What a blessing her friendship has been to me! What more could I do to persuade you that I love you? God is patient with me all the time, including when my heart is prone to wander therefore bringing suffering on my own behalf. I am thankful that through my suffering, it only brought me closer to the Lord. God has been profoundly and acutely aggrieved by the other party; He Himself is fully innocent, entirely without fault or blame.

In contrast, God is fully committed to resolution with the violators. The Spirit brought illumination, and she prayed to accept the gospel. The cuts were already made, the blood already spilled for her! No level of good deeds would be enough to spend eternity with Christ, for since the fall of man, we have been born sinners. We needed to be saved from the one we have sinned against. We needed a Savior who would be both man and God; not just a simple man with limited divine powers.

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Remove this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will. Is there a way for Him to avoid the wrath He was soon to face. If there is a way, please would you provide that to me? And then God was silent. Even through the leading events that brought Christ to His death, this is still the reason God sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

Even in His silence, God still showed love, God still had a sovereign plan, God still provided comfort and strength. This was an absolutely beautiful paragraph to me.

The reason I chose to read this book is because I am struggling and as much as I've asked the Lord to take this cup from me, perhaps take me home to be away from my temptation, God will not remove it. The only way to get through this hard season, is to have faith that this is a season of a lot of personal growth, and spiritual maturity and God can use this for His glory and my good. God is not ignoring me out of spite of His character, He is growing me, even though this is the hardest season I've ever had to face alone. But Jesus knows this is the hour for which He was born Only those who are truly aware of their sin can truly cherish grace.

I can't truly be grateful for my salvation if I don't even know why I needed saved in the first place. So we must prepare, because the ideal time to be educated about suffering is never in the midst of it. We need to be trained prior to suffering, so that we may be fully sustained in suffering.

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I want to be steadfast in my faith. I am suffering now, but I am learning to trust in Him through this time. Was it on that spot where God most reveals His personal love for you- the cross? Was your preoccupation with your personal pursuit of godliness? Growth in godliness must be pursued, but never apart from joyful gratitude for the cross. It is so easy for me to put my attention on my own circumstances and concerns that I get so pre-occupied with it, that it shifts my vision from my pursuit in Christlikeness. When I preach the Gospel to myself, I am joyful, even through sorrow and pain for I know that Christ is my fortress and my passion.

Salvation is through grace alone and when I wrong the Lord and need to seek repentance for it, I cannot earn His favor by my own efforts.

Living the Cross Centered Life Quotes by C.J. Mahaney

Legalism never points to Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot be flippant with how we deal with it, or ignore it assuming it will vanish or that even grace may abound. Read key statement 3 below. Move on to rejoicing in the Savior who came to save the worst of sinners. Lay down the luggage of condemnation and kneel in worship at the feet of Him who bore your sins.

Cry tears of amazement. And the message is simple: Christ died for your sins. We need to be reminded of who we were when we came into this world, repent and seek forgiveness of our sins and realize why Christ had to die for us and also focusing on the beautiful grace God gave to us. I have no excuse except to blame it on my own laziness.

Christ has saved me from! Mahaney gives his testimony and encourages the reader to take the message of the Cross with us. May 23, Casey rated it it was amazing. The contents of this book literally changed my life. I first read those two books both of them on the same day, as I recall a little over two years ago. On that wonderful day, C. Mahaney helped me to catch a vision of the beauty of the cross, and of the Savior who died in my place.

Mahaney, in simple, straightforward language, explains what Christ accomplished The contents of this book literally changed my life. Mahaney, in simple, straightforward language, explains what Christ accomplished on the cross, and what it means for those of us who follow him. These are the central truths of the Christian faith, and Mahaney exhorts us to keep them at the center in all that we think and do, to keep "the gospel the main thing" as the subtitle says.

Growing up in church, I can't remember a time when I didn't believe that Jesus Christ had died for my sins. But, until I read this book, I never realized just how beautiful the gospel truly is.

How to Have a Cross-Centered Life

I never realized that the gospel must be the one, central truth that shapes my life. I've never looked back. I hope you won't either. I've probably given away more copies of this book than any other. A book to be cherished, read, and re-read. In order to live a cross centered life, our days must be centered around the message of the cross. Christians never grow past the gospel - it is the reason for everything we do.

The final chapter is a great reminder that we must continue to preach the gospel to ourselves daily. CJ lists five ways we can do this: We can memorize the gospel, pray the gospel, sing the gospel, review how the gospel has changed us, and study the gospel. This is a book that deserves to be read and re-read, as we all n In order to live a cross centered life, our days must be centered around the message of the cross. Apr 19, Olivia rated it did not like it Shelves: religion-philosophy.

This was one of the most incredible books I've ever read. I'm a big fiction person, but this was one reality check I needed. Mahaney is so real and simple, you get such a down-to-earth insight into life So often because I grew up in church, I lose view of how awesome and precious my faith is, and this book helped me ignite it again!

A whole book wouldn't be enough to talk about the amazing qualities of Mahaney's creation. Every Christian and even those who aren't This was one of the most incredible books I've ever read. It will change you! Jan 29, Alex rated it it was amazing. What a wonderful book about the most important thing that matters. So often we get bogged down by condemnation, proving ourselves, and the next big thing that will make us better disciples. Yet, our main focus is and should always be the Cross of Christ.

It is where we find life, joy, and are humbled in adoration before God. This book is for the non-Christian and Christian. Stop the self help books, cling to the cross. By his wounds we are healed. May 09, Ryan rated it liked it. This was a good, short book focused on the events in the last week of Jesus' life. While primarily looking at the cross, Mahaney uses different events of the week like the Last Supper and the Garden of Gethsemane to teach about Jesus' atonement and other gospel truths.

For me, the book was a simple but fresh look at Jesus' death for sinners. Very helpful reminder. It has been a while since I have picked up a book that simply taught the importance of remembering the most fundamental truth in all the world.

That truth is, "Jesus Christ has died for my sins. Everyday should be a day of exulting in what Christ has once and for all accomplished for us in his life, death, and resurrection. Great overview of the essential elements of the gospel. Keeping the main thing the main thing is the main thing that must happen in the life of a believer. What is the main thing? The Gospel. The Cross. The penal substitutionary atonement accomplished at Calvary that we so easily forget.


Mahaney writes a magnificently simple book with a profoundly important message: live a cross centered, gospel centered, Christ centered life! Apr 21, junia rated it it was amazing Shelves: fires-of-sancti. Oct 22, Ian Wilson rated it it was amazing Shelves: spiritual. A must read for all Christians who desire to draw nearer to God! In this book C. Mahaney brings home the real message of the cross and the sacrifice that was made on our behalf.

If you have ever had the slightest doubt in your salvation Readers also enjoyed.