Big City Girl

Big City Girls
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I still planned to blog full-time, but I worried how I would be viewed by my peers and business contacts. I needed a break to regroup my thoughts and rest.

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Having battled with the pressures of my unhappy life in the city for six months, I was exhausted. That first night I slept for fourteen hours straight.

Princess in the Big City

In a way, I imagine it was a short grieving period for my big city dream—I realized I needed to let it go. I realized that things like financial freedom were hugely important to me, and that I needed to find a way of living which allowed me to truly embody these values. A tan and a new haircut helped too! I often say I believe happiness causes a ripple effect—if you are happy, it positively impacts every area of your life.

My overall wellbeing has increased ten fold.

It’s OK to give up on your dream—and opt for a new one.

I even have a home office in a room all of its own! You've heard a lot about places like New York and Los Angeles, where you can surround yourself in inspiration.

Princess in the Big City

The sidewalks seem to turn into runways, and even the subways stations are the perfect spot for a photo. Can you feel the energy just thinking about it?

Now, all you need is to capture that feeling for your followers. It won't be easy, because it's hard to put into words, let alone visuals. But, if your favorite shows like Gossip Girl and Friends can do it, so can you.

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The possibilities are endless, and that's what any city is all about. Just put one of these city captions on your photo that sets the tone, too, OK?

Sia - Big Girls Cry (Official Video)

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From embracing garbage day to hating on tourists (why do they walk so freaking slowly?!), these are the undeniable signs you're from a city. Lyrics to Big City Girls by April Wine from the Nature of the Beast album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!.

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