Art Gallery Theorems and Algorithms

Algorithms for art gallery illumination
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Preparata, ed. Algebraic Discrete Methods, 7 Hershberger, J. Suri, Finding a shortest diagonal of a simple polygon in linear time, Comput. Hoffmann, F.

Art Gallery Theorem

Honsberger, R. Kahn, J. Klawe, D.

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Kalai, G. Matousek, Guarding galleries where every point sees a large area, Israel J.

Diagonals: Part I

Lee, D. Lennes, N. Lorenzetto, G. Datta, R. Lu, D-K. Hus, C.

Two dimensions

Yi, Guarding in a simple polygon, Inform. Meisters, G.

Monthly 82 April , Michael, T. Pinciu, Art gallery theorems for guarded guards, Computational Geometry, 26 Mirzaian, A. Press, New York, Computational geometry column 15, International J. Computational geometry column 18, International J.

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Goodman and J. Shermer, I.

Art gallery problem

Streinu, Illuminating convex polygons with vertex headlights, In Proc. Preparata, F. Cut off: [ 5. Cut off: [ Cut off: [ 6. Cut off: [ 0. Cut off : [ Since the triangle is convex, the guard can see the whole triangle. Guard Positioning Using Triangulation. Adjacent vertices must have different colors.

Andy Mirzaian. References: [M. Ottmann Triangulation Naive.

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Three dimensions

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